Real Estate Investment

In your program, you will learn powerful, time-tested principles that will help you achieve success as an investor. But this program is not about information alone. While Mondosol is here to help you learn, our primary focus is to help you implement what you learn into your daily life. As a result, your progress will be influenced by the time and effort you spend applying what you learn from the program.

Personal Finance

Fundamental financial literacy is the basis for the financial intelligence required to chart your course to financial freedom. This section is designed to help you review or discover the fundamental principles of personal finance so that you can begin thinking like the rich. With that understanding, you will be better prepared to assess your personal situation and move forward with the think-it, learn-it, and do-it process.

Exchange Samples

This course contains databases, glossaries and quizzes shared by other Moodle users from around the world via the Moodle Exchange.

Art History

Dave Froelich's course, imported from Moodleshare